Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere. 2005-2016

The 21st April 2005 RDF communication, it inaugurated the Project Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere, conceived by Rossella de Focatiis, a scientific-cultural and culinary event that comes from the awareness that Knowledge and  Flavor are joined together by a thin and powerful bond: both are essential elements of life.

The attention and sensitivity to health, to food and well-being are more relevant than ever and from this realization came the idea to create a Demonstration that it was a kind of journey of discovery of taste, culture and knowledge in the context of these fundamental issues.

The Knowledge is understood as awareness and attention not only to health, but also to everything that is beautiful and positive can enrich and “feed” our life.The Flavor evokes the taste of good food, the joy of sharing and savor the food for the body, also evokes the pleaure of culture for the mind, thus linking ideally, throat, head and heart.

For over 12 years RDF communication builds and manages the events of Sapere. Il Sapore del Sapere, which has become a permanent event in Milan which organizes Conferences, Courses, Showcooking and other events focused on health, nutrition and welfare for the public.

To date over 300 Conferences with renowned and prestigious speakers have been realized, including doctors, researches, scientists, chefs, food experts.